Terms & Conditions


Disco Dynamite is a professional mobile disco company and as such we operate within the following terms and conditions of service :-

Deposit: It is standard practise for us to take a deposit of up to 35% at the time of booking. Suitable forms of deposit include cash, cheque or Paypal. Once the deposit has fully cleared your event booking will be secured and you will be issued with a booking form in the post outlining the details in full. Booking deposits are non-refundable regardless of the circumstances.

Payment: The outstanding balance must be paid in advance of the event. This can either be settled at the time of booking, on the run up to the event or at the actual event prior to its commencement (cash only). Suitable forms of payment include cash, cheque or Paypal. In the case of cheque or Paypal, payment must have cleared before the event is due to begin.

Licences: The client is responsible for ensuring that the venue holds the necessary licences for the type of event which has been booked. Disco Dynamite will always supply evidence to prove that we hold the required licences, permits, insurances and agreements to fulfil our commitment to the client and venue. These may be requested by any party at any time.


Access to Venue: We will require on average 30 - 60 minutes access to the venue prior to the commencement of the event to allow for loading in, setting up and testing of disco and karaoke equipment. An additional charge may be made if access to the venue is hindered in any way due to the venue being locked or unattended, the event room being inaccessible or significant obstacles preventing our staff from loading in equipment. Once the event is over we will require an additional 30 - 60 minutes for the loading out of equipment. Again, sufficient access is required. These additional times should be considered when booking the venue for the event.

Requirements: We will require a minimum of two tables to be provided by the venue. We also require the use of a minimum of two 13 amp mains electricity sockets at some point close to the area where the disco equipment is to be set up. Ideally these should be within three metres of the performance area and not cut across the pathway of a door or emergency exit.

Damage to Equipment: The client will be held responsible for any theft or damage of any Disco Dynamite equipment by guests attending the event.

Health & Safety: Disco Dynamite operates a strict health and safety policy. While we encourage clients and guests to approach our DJ's for dedications and requests, such persons should always remain within the guest area of the venue, i.e. in front of the disco setup and not come behind the equipment where our staff are directly working. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that children are kept away from the equipment. Any verbal or physical threat presented to our staff will be treated very seriously and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the disco without further notice if any such situation becomes apparent. In this instance no refunds will be given.

Disco Extensions: Once the event has been booked to set times and paid for we will terminate the disco at the pre-arranged end time. If the client would like to extend the end time of the disco they must approach the head DJ with any such request during the event. We will try to accommodate this where possible and any extensions will be subject to an additional charge.

Photography: Disco Dynamite occasionally employ the services of an independent photographer, as well as members of our staff, to take photographs or video footage at events which may be used within our website, social networking pages or promotional material. The client must notify us before the event if they would prefer no photographs were taken. We will respect any such request without question.

Bookings made indicate customers' conformance to our standard Method Statement