Stag Nights

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A stag night can go one of two ways. A quiet night in the house with a few friends... or a rediculously loud and out of control boozed up party sesh at the local pub (please drink responsibly !!) where the DJ turns up dressed as a horse, cranks the music up till the windows explode and everyone ends up in custody by the end of the night. Guess which one we are about to promote !?

Okay, well maybe not quite that bad but we can certainly promise you a night to remember. Only music from the best current girl bands will be played, games such as 'Pin the Boobs on the Blonde' and 'That Man's Tackle' may well be played (did we actually just type that !? HAHAHA - Jesus !!).

If you want a Stag Do to remember (and a cell to sleep it off in for the night LOL) give us a call RIGHT NOW.
Some of our favourite stag nights are shown below. Strictly over 18s only at these occasions though folks !!