Method Statement


This document is to give guidelines and appropriate instruction to all staff, freelance DJ's, clients and venues regarding the safe and preferred methods of the loading, installation and removal of disco equipment. It also highlights our preferred practises regarding risk assessment and health and safety at all events and performances. It is the responsibility of all persons working with, as well as those engaging the services of Disco Dynamite to read this document and declare their acceptance of these working practises whilst both at our loading premises and the event venue.


All equipment required for the purpose of the event will arrive via a large MPV vehicle with attached trailer. The equipment will be unloaded by hand by our staff and carried / wheeled via trolley to the event room. The vehicle and trailer will remain in the venue car park at a place specified by the venue for the duration of the event (including load in / load out times). The relevant parking permits, if required, to be supplied by the client / venue.


We will require access for equipment setup 30 - 60 minutes prior to the start time of the disco. This time will vary depending the size of the venue and the amount of equipment required. Such times will be made clear to the client at the time of booking and highlighted on the client booking confirmation. The room will be required for 30 - 60 minutes after the stated end time of the disco to ensure safe removal of the equipment into our transport vehicle. Depending on the venue some load ins / load outs will take longer than others so clients are reminded that the length of time for which the venue is hired needs to be longer than the times of the event itself and should plan room hire accordingly. We will require access to the venue room via doors of standard width, either opening directly into the car park / external loading area itself or via a lift. Where a lift is used, transportation trolleys will be used to deliver the equipment to the venue room. Rooms located beyond significant obstacles such as raised ledges, high staircases with no lift alternative, etc., all cause added risk to the health and safety of staff conducting the loading and setup of equipment. At the time of booking the client and / or the venue should consider if these obstacles cause an undue risk to our staff and if in fact the available access to the venue room is fit for purpose.


All equipment required for the event will be taken to performance area, i.e. stage, designated area, etc, and installed for the duration of the event. All installations are temporary and no permanent alterations to any equipment, walls, flooring or any other part of the venue are necessary. The venue is required to supply at least two large tables for the setting up of equipment. All cables will be installed and kept behind the disco setup. There should be no need for any cables to pass beyond the boundaries of our setup but if this should be the case cables will be taped down and completely covered. Appropriate signage / coloured tape will indicate if any such cable causes a trip hazard. All cables should be kept clear of escape routes and emergency exits but where this is unavoidable cables will be run at a higher level, i.e. around door / window frames, etc., Cables will be secured with tape / clips to ensure maximum safety at all times. Equipment mounted on tripod stands should always be kept behind the disco setup. In rare cases where tripods encroach beyond this setup the feet of each tripod will be marked with hazard tape. During the installation and removal of disco equipment the venue is technically a work site and should be treated as such. Access should be restricted to those who have a specific purpose in setting up and preparation of the event. Likewise, at the end of the event during the dismantling and loading out of equipment the venue will again revert to being a work site and guests must clear the immediate area. Meetings, conversations and gatherings in this area must be discouraged to allow for quick and safe removal of equipment which will begin immediately after the event.


All equipment brought into the venue to be used in association with the event will be stored appropriately on site as agreed by the venue. This will usually be behind the disco setup so as not to cause any hazard to the attending guests. Where possible any associated materials, cases, boxes, etc., will be placed in a store room which is restricted to venue staff only and off limits to the guests. Disco Dynamite does not carry any equipment or materials which can be described as hazardous, flammable, caustic or explosive nor would we ever have cause to take any such items into a venue.


MAIN RISKS: The main persons at risk would be disco staff. Manual handling of equipment during load in / load out, trip hazards, raised performance areas (stages, etc.), broken glass in and around the venue, poorly maintained electrical installations within venues, fire extinguishers type and location (must be in date and maintained), smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc. Disco staff must familiarise themselves with the locations of fire exits, emergency exits, external assembly points for the appropriate event room in case of evacuation due to emergency.


Some of these risks, whilst applying to disco and venue staff, may also be applicable to event guests. As such, the head DJ should frequently announce the locations of emergency exits and procedures to the guests. The customer who made the booking will also be made aware of potential dangers throughout the booking.


Every piece of disco equipment to be visually inspected before each event. This means to look for any obvious signs of damage, loose wires, bare wires, improperly insulated mains wiring, loose fittings, etc. All equipment is PAT tested before arriving at the venue and the stickers to be checked to ensure such testing is in date. PAT testing certificate, along with certificate of public liability insurance to be carried by the head DJ to every event without exception and to be produced on request. Trailers, trolleys, cases and all other materials used to transport equipment are regularly inspected before being taken into any venue.


Where applicable a member of staff from Disco Dynamite will visit the venue to carry out a site survey and assessment ahead of the event. From this we will establish the best point of access, provisional location of disco setup, location of lifts, stairs, store rooms, emergency exits, etc., and view the venue's health and safety policy so as to make certain we are fully compliant on the date of the event.


In addition to the legal requirements of the venue to keep well stocked, in date first aid materials, a first aid kit is held in our vehicle to treat minor injuries.