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Karaoke is like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it. However, on a night out we bet you think you're the best singer in The World - RIGHT !? To be fair, you could well be, but we've never heard you sing... so this is your chance to prove it.

Whatever your event, be it a Birthday Party for a few mates to a Wedding Reception for 500 guests (and everything in between) you are quite welcome to choose our 'Karaoke Add-On' to make your party a bit more interesting. It's usually our MC Pete that hosts the Karaoke segment of your party, which we are currently offering at no extra cost (subject to your venue having a satisfactory internet connection).

Our 'Karaoke Bible' contains quite literally thousands of songs for you to choose from.
The disco stops, the lights go down, the screen comes alive with words and you, well... SING SING SING !!
Choose: 'Karaoke Add-On' when making your booking and we'll do the rest :)